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Best HP Elite Book Repair in Nepal

HP is a leading laptop selling company in Nepal, it has another popular model that’s Elite Book which provides wide features and with the cheapest rate. Users may face different kinds of problems including converting, motherboard problems, battery problems, adapter problems, and so on.  We offer the longest warranty and 100% guaranteed Laptop Repair Service in Nepal. If you are having problems like your computer is not starting up or booting, display a black screen. The cause of the problem might be because hardware problem or an error in an instruction being transmitted from BIOS to a hardware component. We provide the best HP Elite Book Repair in Nepal with the best quality technical skills.

Problem with HP Elite Book

Some of the problems seen on HP EliteBook are given below:

  • Laptop Battery not charging properly: HP Elite battery not charging, battery bloated, battery draining fast, and having a battery life is a widespread problem in HP EliteBook. Don’t worry; we can replace the battery with a quality guarantee as we select the best for our customers.
  • Faulty Outlet or Charging Cord: Test the charging cable for any flaws or exposed wires. Adjust the charging cable whether there are any irregularities or exposed wires. If you can’t solve it and change the faulty cord in less than a day.
  • The laptop screen is unresponsive and appearance of random flickers: Mostly, flickering and unresponsive is due to software problems within an operating system. Permanent malfunction of screen points out to crack the screen or Loose connection. We provide you the service to change your cracked and awful screen with the best and branded screen with 100% satisfaction.
  • Keyboard issue: Connect an external keyboard. If you can type on the external keyboard, the problem is hardware-related. If you can’t type with the external keyboard, the problem is software-related.
  • Audio issue: Audio unusual problem is due to faulty hardware.
  • Laptop overheating problems: The typical problem also leads to other internal damage.

Services at HP Service Nepal

HP Service Nepal is established to provide fast and best HP Elite Book repair in Nepal. Our knowledgeable and experienced group of technicians has the solutions to repair the slimmest and most powerful HP EliteBook. We offer a reliable laptop repair service in Kathmandu, helping individuals and businesses get back to work quickly and efficiently. Our professional technical provides you with the accurate diagnostic and reliable price for your Best HP Elite Book Repair in Nepal.

Best HP Elite Book Repair in Nepal provides high-speed service to the laptops that need to be repaired urgently like laptop screen replacement or laptop power jack replacement and other laptop services that can be done on the same day. Enjoy our full support for your HP EliteBook. HP Service Nepal is ready to respond efficiently and easily to any companies/businesses in Nepal that need technical assistance.



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    Three Steps Solution

    Bring Damaged Devices

    We will be providing best repair service in the town. We always tries to fix the issue. We never let our user down. Also we have solved most of the issue.

    Diagnosis & Solve Issues

    Our technical team dig into you macbook to find the issue. Also our dedicated technician team finds and solve the issue of the you device or gadget.

    Return Perfect Devices

    We have always found that our customer is found happy and satisfy with our team. Also we have always find the issue and fix them returning to our customer in perfect conditions.


    Our Repair Services

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    Battery Issue
    battery can't hold the charger
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    Free Diagnostic
    Price: Free Estimates
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    Data Recovery
    Retrive missing files
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    Fan Issue
    Overheating or noisy fan
    alt alt
    CPU Issue
    Upgrade to an SSD
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    Keyboard Replacement
    Swap out for a new keyboard

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    What Our Clients Say?

    This is a nice and helpful place,
    Service maintaining, computer and laptop service center in Kathmandu.

    Ramesh Prasai

    It’s a quite good Service Center for HP and the Service Staffs and Executive have good knowledge about Products and they solve the problem in a quite good and effective manner so that customer can be satisfied.

    Lashang Sherpa

    Polite Employees, Customer friendly environment, Environment-friendly waste disposal and moreover very much concerned about COVID 19. Social Distancing maintained and well-sanitized place.

    Meghabi Kuikel