Motherboard Replacement

Motherboard Replacement

The motherboard is one of the laptop’s critical components that control the whole system function inside the slim structure. A faulty motherboard can be fixed as soon as possible to avoid more damage and keep the laptop running for as long as possible. Hp care is a famous laptop repair center in Nepal offering professional repair services at highly affordable prices. Our highly-trained technicians are skilled at detecting numerous device issues that may occur due to motherboard failure. A correctly operating motherboard will speed up the laptop’s overall performance and maintain high performance by faster response time. We provide quick laptop repair services with proficiency. Our highly experienced technicians will assist in knowing about the faulty motherboard.

Symptoms of defective motherboards like:

  • Computer boot up very slowly.
  • Peripherals on computers start to become unreliable.
  • Different flickering, lines on the screen, or unexpected freezes are due to the faulty motherboard.
  • The computer’s USB port sometimes fails to initialize when a flash is plugged.
  • An odd burning or melted plastic smell from the computer.
  • A high-pitched sound comes from the laptop when you press the power button. Since it is one of the costliest laptop replacement pieces, fixing is often preferable to replacing.
  • When you turn on the computer, there is no action.
  • Randomly freezes while using it.

The common reason that leads to motherboard failure are:

  • Fluctuating voltage and electric supply
  • Accumulation of smoke and dust particles
  • Old laptop
  • Overheating as a result of problems with the internal fan.
  • Physical damage

If you face a problem finding a reliable motherboard repairing and replacing shop in Nepal, Hp care would be the best option for you. As we are affordable in comparison to other repairing centers in Kathmandu.

Best Motherboard Replacement / Repair Service in Kathmandu

We troubleshoot the problem before taking any further replacing and repairing action. We can fix the chips on the motherboard without replacing the entire motherboard. This can decrease your cost as our motherboard expertise has years of experience repairing many different HP laptop motherboard models.

We don’t charge you if we can’t repair your laptop. Feel free to ask about the progress of your computer and if you need any genuine suggestions. The professionals can fix the IC on the motherboard, and it will take less time according to the damage done.


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Ramesh Prasai

This is a nice and helpful place,
Service maintaining, computer and laptop service center in Kathmandu.

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It’s a quite good Service Center for HP and the Service Staffs and Executive have good knowledge about Products and they solve the problem in a quite good and effective manner so that customer can be satisfied.

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Polite Employees, Customer friendly environment, Environment-friendly waste disposal and moreover very much concerned about COVID 19. Social Distancing maintained and well-sanitized place.

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Excellence in service very helpful engineer …Thanks to all team members..

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Very quick service & affordable too. If you are having any trouble with your laptop & you don’t wanna spend much time visiting the service center & wait for endless time then this is the right place for you