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HP Chromebook Repair in Nepal

HP Chromebook is a PC with a powerful processor, convenient storage, long-lasting battery, and excellent performance. HP Chromebook repair in Nepal is a unique concept as it is not a famous accessory in Nepal. So, HP service Nepal is a place for any kind of problem-related to your HP Chromebook.

HP Chromebook Repair in Kathmandu

The one place where you will find the HP Chromebook repair in Kathmandu is HP Service Nepal. HP Chromebook repair in Kathmandu is hard to find as it has not a highly demanded device in Nepal.  But as a genuine HP service provider, we provide you with well-trained technicians to take the best service for your HP Chromebook.

The common Chromebook repair available in HP Service Nepal are:

  • LCD Replacement: HP Service Nepal repairs and replaces chrome screen. Before returning the screen, your laptop’s every part is tested carefully to meet the standard. Replace your chrome LCD with a 100% warranty.
  • Keyboard Issue: Is your Chromebook key not responding? We are here to help you out. Please bring your laptop to us if you are facing this problem. Our well-qualified technicians can suggest you genuinely solve your issue.
  • Battery Issue:  whenever Chromebook shutdowns itself, there is a high probability of a problem with your battery. If your battery is drained, your Chromebook won’t charge. Our technicians troubleshoot the problem before repairing it. HP Service Nepal provides you with the best quality battery with a 100% warranty on the replacement.
  • Charge Port: If your HP Chromebook was unable to charge or gave no response when connecting to the charger, then there might be an issue with the charge port. Our expert can replace the port within a short time.
  • Hinge Repair: A broken laptop hinge can be repaired. Depending on the Chromebook model, your broken hinge can be replaced and repaired.
  • Keyboard/Trackpad Issues: HP Chromebook trackpad not working, Chromebook trackpad inconsistency, slowness or lack of response, trackpad stuck fix or water harm If you spill liquid on the trackpad, it can trigger a jumpy reaction or become unresponsive. If not, carry the unit to us for a diagnosis.
  • No Display:  Chromebook booting to a white screen or black screen or the screen doesn’t display it all. However, you hear the chime, or the spinning sound is a common problem. Our technicians have been dealing with such issues with a 100 percent success rate.
  • Plastic Casings
  • USB Port Issues

We provide reliable and trustworthy services to our customers because we believe in maintaining a long-term relationships. Our service is fast and convenient. We replace the parts with quality and genuine parts. We have qualified and trained technicians who have been working with and fixing issues for years. We provide our customers with the faster operation. We will diagnose your Chromebook problem, and bring you solutions. Please don’t waste your time searching for the best quality repair because we are established to win your trust. We ensure to give your device quality of service.

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    Three Steps Solution

    Bring Damaged Devices

    We will be providing best repair service in the town. We always tries to fix the issue. We never let our user down. Also we have solved most of the issue.

    Diagnosis & Solve Issues

    Our technical team dig into you macbook to find the issue. Also our dedicated technician team finds and solve the issue of the you device or gadget.

    Return Perfect Devices

    We have always found that our customer is found happy and satisfy with our team. Also we have always find the issue and fix them returning to our customer in perfect conditions.


    Our Repair Services

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    Battery Issue
    battery can't hold the charger
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    Free Diagnostic
    Price: Free Estimates
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    Data Recovery
    Retrive missing files
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    Fan Issue
    Overheating or noisy fan
    alt alt
    CPU Issue
    Upgrade to an SSD
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    Keyboard Replacement
    Swap out for a new keyboard

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    What Our Clients Say?

    This is a nice and helpful place,
    Service maintaining, computer and laptop service center in Kathmandu.

    Ramesh Prasai

    It’s a quite good Service Center for HP and the Service Staffs and Executive have good knowledge about Products and they solve the problem in a quite good and effective manner so that customer can be satisfied.

    Lashang Sherpa

    Polite Employees, Customer friendly environment, Environment-friendly waste disposal and moreover very much concerned about COVID 19. Social Distancing maintained and well-sanitized place.

    Meghabi Kuikel