CPU Replacement

CPU Replacement

HP’s CPU Replacement In Kathmandu

CPU, also known as the central processing unit, is the brain of the computer. CPU is in the motherboard of the laptop. It carries the command and is also sometimes called the brain of the computer. Though we often consider processors to be immovable parts, they can be replaced and upgraded.

If you feel like you must upgrade your processor, always find a compatible replacement. The CPU is usually a two-inch ceramic square with an internal silicon chip. The CPU is inserted into the motherboard’s CPU port, protected by a heat sink, an item that absorbs the heat produced by the CPU. It is usually tiny in size or the size of a coin.

Is HP CPU Replacement Costly?

  • CPU replacement is for higher performance and faster processing so, the cost is generally high.
  • CPU replacement is not an easy task.
  • Firstly, ensure the CPU is compatible with the motherboard. You can only do the replacement after lots of research.
  • Swapping out your CPU should not affect your hard drive, so you should be extra careful while placing a new CPU.
  • While applying the thermal paste, you should know to use it.
  • Reinstalling the heatsink or fan is again needing to be correct.

HP’s CPU models vary differently in shape, cost, processing time, etc. There are differences in processors designed for desktop and laptop use. As a company like AMD or Intel manufactures computer processors, they often make versions of the same type.

While selecting the CPU, we must look for the following:

  • Less Heat Generation
  • Power Consumption

Compatibility with your motherboard, the CPU you install must have the same socket size as the slot on the motherboard. Coordinating the activity of all its cores is essential.

CPU Replacement at HP Service Nepal

When upgrading your computer’s processor, you should think about choosing a processor that meets your needs and budget. We keep this in mind when providing a new CPU for your needs and your budget. We take care of your laptop; we assure you that no other parts will be replaced or damaged while placing a new CPU. Our team knows that CPU and CPU replacement are fragile and knows how to handle them very well. HP care Nepal will never give you a reason to complain. We are here to serve our customers.

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