Hp Laptop Ram Replacement

Hp Laptop Ram Replacement

Hp Laptop Ram Replacement

RAM is Random Access Memory, also referred to as only a memory. RAM is one of the most critical parts of a laptop since it is responsible for all of its core functions. RAM is the component in the computer that impacts performance and can be HP Laptop RAM Upgrade. Upgrading RAM can make a computer run faster and more smoothly. RAM lets you run several programs at once smoothly.  We can replace your laptop’s RAM to make it faster and increase the space to store more data.

Many applications heavily depend on system RAM. If you think your PC is running slower, replace RAM with more capacity. You don’t have to buy a new laptop to make your processing faster. Just upgrading the RAM can save much money.

When upgrading the RAM, we must check the following requirements:

  • Motherboard: Computer’s motherboard also determines the RAM capacity.
  • RAM Modules: It is considered not okay to mix and match RAM modules in your system. We offer Ram upgrades for all Hp models.
  • Memory Slots: It is often preferable to split the RAM between several places to minimize machine problems.
  • Operating System: The operating system indicates the maximum amount of RAM that can be upgraded.

By 2022, 16 GB or even 8 GB of RAM would be adequate for surfing, app creation, full-HD video entertainment, and most business. We preserve all your data so that you can use your computer immediately after upgrading without any obstacles. We only take a day or less than a day to Hp laptop Ram upgrade at our service center.

Hp laptop Ram upgrade || HP Servicing Nepal

HP Service Nepal offers reliable, quality, and affordable service with the best advice. Don’t worry if your laptop is running slow; we have a solution for you. Upgrade your 4GB RAM to 8Gb or as you wish to improve your multitasking speed. We can help you decide which modules and how much upgrade your system needs to give you an excellent performance.

We believe in a long-term relationship, so; our greatest priority is customer satisfaction. We upgrade the original RAM; you get to enjoy the extreme version of your device. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced, with a thorough understanding of the internal processes of Hp laptops. With various HP laptop Ram upgrade options available, our services will satisfy your budget and Ram upgrade requirements. We have the most competitive HP Ram update services in Kathmandu, Nepal, ranging from 2 GB RAM to 16 and 32 GB memory upgrades.

Our Repairing steps
Checking Device Status

Our Technician Check your device status and finalized whether it needs to change or not

Replacement or repair

We replace or repair your HP RAM, only replace if it doesn't work.

Ready to delivery

Your device is ready for delivery after successfully recover from your problems


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Ramesh Prasai

This is a nice and helpful place,
Service maintaining, computer and laptop service center in Kathmandu.

Lashang Sherpa

It’s a quite good Service Center for HP and the Service Staffs and Executive have good knowledge about Products and they solve the problem in a quite good and effective manner so that customer can be satisfied.

Meghabi Kuikel

Polite Employees, Customer friendly environment, Environment-friendly waste disposal and moreover very much concerned about COVID 19. Social Distancing maintained and well-sanitized place.

Ishwor Kafle

Excellence in service very helpful engineer …Thanks to all team members..

Trilochana Shta

Very quick service & affordable too. If you are having any trouble with your laptop & you don’t wanna spend much time visiting the service center & wait for endless time then this is the right place for you